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Why are roaches better feeders than crickets?

  • Roaches have a more meat to shell ratio than crickets and provide about two times the protein value of crickets.
  • Crickets only live 8-10 wks. Our roaches take 3-12 months to mature and live another 3-42 months thereafter.  A better value for the money.
  • Very little maintenance and less cleaning!
  • Our feeder roaches have virtually no odor, unlike crickets.
  • Our roaches don't bite, don't make noise, and don’t fly.  None of our feeders can fly, even though some have wings.
  • Our roaches are non-climbing of glass and smooth plastic.
  • B. Dubia, one of our most popular feeder roaches, have less chitin (exoskeleton) than most equivalent feeders, so there is less chance of impaction of your reptiles.
  • Our roaches are tropical species, so they will not infest your home like the common cockroach.


Are there any restrictions on shipping?

  • We do not do any International sales/shipping.
  • Due to government regulations we cannot sell/ship roaches to Alaska, Florida, or Hawaii.